Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Martha's Media Reviewed, and Tips

Martha's Flower Food from her March 18 talk show:

Food for flowers for preservation...I liked this tip because it saves $ and prevents all those silly little plastic packets (something I was inspired to start doing, partly by the fab writings of Beth at: http://fakeplasticfish.com/):

In a large container (handy to have a spigot, like a 'Sun Tea' container)
  • 2 gallons of water
  • 2 C of corn syrup, this feeds the plants
  • 4 T of white vinegar, provides an acidic environment for the cut flowers
  • 4T liquid bleach; this prevents bacteria, especially important for flowers like carnations that are 'sticky, and generally for all flowers, to prevent green slime from building up in a few days
Shake well, and use as needed...here's hoping for lots of flowers in YOUR house!

MistressGardener's alternative: you can also use a T of bleach in a gallon of lemon-lime (not diet) soda pop

I've also used an aspirin tablet in expensive flower arrangements

Martha's Garden on Hallmark,, episode: Spring Flowering Bulbs

The British, so lovely to listen to with their lilting accent and passion for plants...and she IS *passionate*...a few little factoids that were fascinating:
  • Tulips originated in 'those incredible lands were you get Russia, and China, and Kazakhstan, and Mongolia, all meeting together...cradle of the tulip, then later by way of the Sultan's Court in 1451 in Turkey
  • at first people didn't know what they were, and what to call them, they were confused and called them lily or narcissus
  • Tulip Mania
Martha's Garden on Hallmark, today, episode: Identifying Trees
She toured a Magnolia tree farm...lots of varieties!

The magnolias are blooming now!

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