Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy August! New Seeds and Starts

I have decided to restart this blog for many reasons.   The freshness of the rain that is falling again, and the sweet green sprouts bursting from the seeds are just the crispest expressions of a green need to root and blossom.  This need to seed and restart the cycle of growth has been felt by myself, my friends and loved ones, my community, and the ground swelling as Gaia rises up to kiss the rain.

On my way back to Arizona, I had my cards read, and was told I needed to root, root, anywhere.  I just needed to figure out where.

The rocky, sandy, clay and caliche of the Tucson desert, along with the abundant, warming sunshine and glorious drops of rain, the stately saguaros, and wriggling lizards all welcomed me home.  I set up my tent and washed out the encrustations of small mammals in the cabin where I planned to stay, and I washed these out in the garden space.  I was told about memories of this garden space; flowers and broccoli that had bloomed here for decades, surviving the summers.  I tentatively put out rootlets and found the soil good.